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We provide quizzes and resources Core 1 and Core 2practice cases and walkthroughs or a full exam essentials package. We offer a discount if you purchase multiple essentials packages with us as you work through the program.

How I Passed All 4 Sections of the CPA Exam in 3 Months

You will pay full price for the first essentials package. To receive the discount, you do not need to purchase all packages at the same time. We offer a discount if you purchase multiple essentials packages with us. This course is a mix of online and self-study sessions designed to prepare a candidate for both the technical objective testing components and the case writing skills required for the module exam.

Included in the course are the following components:. Electronic access to all materials will be immediately available once you have registered, via website access and ebook for solutions. A hard copy of the multiple choice, objective style questions and case solutions is available for a fee upon checkout. An extra case has been added to the practice exam but it is not currently in the hard copy material that is being shipped if you choose this option.

It is available through the ebook access code that all registrants receive. Home PEP. Package Content. This is a license for a single user.Students enrolled in the extended modules are not permitted to switch to the regular offerings. The Extended Core 1 and Extended Core 2 modules are designed to accommodate students who are not able to dedicate the time and effort required in the regular modules.

The extended modules will comprise the same content and structure as the regular modules but extend approximately twice the duration 16 weeks as opposed to 8 weeks in order to provide students with additional time to manage the requirements of the modules in addition to their personal commitments.

CPA Professional Education Program: Core 2 module

For module offerings and examination dates please review the PEP Schedule. Core 1 and Core 2 focus on financial accounting and reporting, and management accounting, planning and control.

Students choose two elective modules. Capstone Integrative Module Capstone 1 deepens strategic leadership competencies by using the knowledge acquired in prerequisite and earlier modules in a professional team setting.

Students complete a large business case that relates to Day 1 of the CFE. Capstone Examination Preparation Module Capstone 2 focuses on preparing students for entry into the profession by applying competencies acquired throughout the CPA program in complex and highly integrative cases.

Students develop their enabling competencies in situations that simulate real-life projects and assignments that newly certified CPAs may encounter in their careers. At least one week prior to the module start date, you will receive an email from Brightspace D2Lthe online learning platform, with your login and password. All the module material will be delivered through Brightspace D2Lwhere you also have access to schedules, webinars, discussion boards and other learning tools.

Material will be posted three days prior to a module's start date. Please include your Candidate ID in the ticket submission.

Each module includes one weekend classroom workshop Saturday and Sunday. Core 1 contains an additional weekend orientation workshop. Attendance at the workshops in their entirety is mandatory. Learn more about PEP Workshops. Examinations are used to measure whether students have acquired the knowledge and developed the skills and competencies expected within the modules and courses.

CPA Ontario uses Surpass, a special "lockdown" software, for examinations. Students will use CPA Canada provided laptops at examinations. For an elective module, after three unsuccessful attempts, no further attempts for that module or examination can be made. Students who are unable to successfully complete two of the electives will be deregistered. Refer to Regulationsection 1. Also, it is critical to understand that a Student who has been deregistered shall not be reregistered except in extraordinary circumstances at the discretion of, and on the terms and conditions deemed appropriate by, the Registrar or Vice President, Student Services, the Admission and Registration Committee, or the Appeal Committee, as the case may be.

Students will be notified if their exam remark was successful or unsuccessful — no additional information will be provided. Exam remark fees will be refunded if the remark is successful. October 15, The CPA PEP begins with two mandatory core modules in which you build the enabling and technical competencies required of a professional accountant. The objective of the Core 2 module is for you to develop competence in the areas of governance, strategy, risk management and management decision-making.

You will also gain an appreciation for the role of corporate governance, learn how to formulate deliberate and emergent strategies and translate those strategies into specific objectives and actions. This case example focuses mainly on management accounting competencies and builds on the entry level and Core 1 competencies. The evaluation guide provides the solution to the case through a variety of assessment opportunities. Be sure to check this page on a regular basis.

CPA Canada has put together resources to help manage your finances and provide you with the tools you need during this crisis — and beyond. COVID information resources. COVID financial literacy resources. Search Field. Manage Account Sign Out.About Us. Search for:. Students and Candidates. CPA candidates are also required to complete a period of practical experience to qualify for certification. Throughout the program, CPA candidates develop the competencies expected of professional accountants.

At qualification, they will be required to demonstrate:. The specific competency expectations of the new CPA are defined in the CPA Competency Mapwhich describes the knowledge, skills and proficiency levels expected of candidates and members. The CPA profession will also develop national accreditation standards for post-secondary institutions interested in offering components of the CPA Professional Education Program. CPA PEP module content is delivered online, though each module includes at least one in-person workshop and concludes with an in-person exam.

Candidates who miss the workshop are not permitted to write the exam. Each core and elective module consists of approximately eight weeks of online learning, with weekly assignments submitted to a facilitator. The assignment schedule is posted on the module website Desire2Learn after candidates receive access to the module.

Candidates can expect to spend to hours per week working on the module tasks, and most candidates complete the modules while working full time. Any time taken off work to complete tasks would be decided between the candidate and their employer. All modules have a mandatory, two-day, in-class workshop running am to pm both daysand there is a two-day orientation workshop immediately before the start of Core 1.

Workshops are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. In the core and elective modules, candidates write a four-hour in-person exam following the online learning and workshops.

Capstone 1 concludes with a group presentation, and candidates write the CFE after completing Capstone 2. Instructions for registering for a module, exam, and CFE are available here.

Site Map.I wrote an article mentioning the value of External Preparation programs to help those that succeeded to get through the CFE. I also got a few calls from students who did not make it through these modules. The key to passing is to prepare appropriately for your technical and case writing skills.

I have discussed this below. Going through the module again is not going to help you learn those skills. Remember you are not aiming to pass just one or all four of these modules, but to pass the CFE — that is your goal. That is where a program like Prepformula can be extremely supportive and a partner in your progress towards successfully passing the CFE. You can reference my previous article about why in my opinion Prepformula is the best external preparation program for the Core through to the CFE.

I also have written other articles on various Core 1, 2 and elective modules on this blog that you can read. I have referenced numerous times that the best support system for individuals is how to prepare adequately for their technical study. At the same time they need to start focusing on their case writing skills.

These skills are not absorbed overnight and they take time to develop. The initial four modules are set up to focus on key areas of technical competencies followed by those same key areas tested in case formats. These will no longer test the multiple choice but will focus on multiple competencies in a case format. Finally you need to apply that technical knowledge in a case format.

You need to have the appropriate technical material, formatted in a concise way to study your technical. This should be aided by a few multiple choice questions as you study each section by competency.

The key is to study to multiple choice questions in each competency, which will zone in on the key areas of difficulty.

Over the six competencies you likely need to do approximately multiple choice questions. Next you need someone to help you create a study plan to balance your technical study plan and learn your case writing skills.

Students often complain that the amount of cases in the CPA modules takes up all of their time. Prepformula does both of these.Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More Rules New Posts. Search this thread. The problem i faced the last time i studied for Core 1 was struggling to memorize everything on financial reporting due to which i was having problems with applying them on case studies and MCQ's.

My back Sciatica problem also flared up due to which i failed to withdraw from the exam on time and now have been charged a module attempt. For Core 2, what are the best notes for Managerial Accounting. My problem is i spent so much time memorizing all the technical and very little time practicing MCQ's and Cases as i fear without knowing the technical stuff it is impossible to do the cases and the MCQ's.

Based on my observation Prepformula notes were the worst but they had the most questions. PASS notes were not all that organized, Densmore notes were pretty neatly organized. I also wanted to ask whether relying on the Oracle notes is sufficient? Would like some good feedback as i am determined to clear the CPA PEP exams asap now and don't want to waste any more time.

Practising the cases and MCQ timed and debriefing them properly are key. Make sure you do the mock exams especially for electives. HTK Consulting has good free notes but tax stuff are kind of outdated. I found prepformula webinar summary slides a bit helpful actually. Passed Core 2 and PM using cpa materials plus a bit of Densmore notes.

People relied on Oracle documents and cpa materials and still passed. Also for financial reporting issues, it helps to know how to navigate the PDF handbook in secureexam when finding criteria especially for long stuff like research and development costs criteria. Very important to practice in SE even though it is frustrating to use. OP - If you have a medical issue, you should be exempt from attempt.

Defer to a future date with doctor's note. I deferred my exam twice already due to medical issues. For studying, there' so much damn material, it's impossible to cover it all. The Oracle has so much topics, could take forever to go through them all.

Your browser is out of date.

For Core 1 and 2, I just took a day off before the exam and studied the solutions to the CPA materials. Core 1, most of the FR stuff you can refer to the handbook while doing the exam just be familiar for how they want you to write it. And i believe CPA materials prepare you well enough for the assurance part.

I barely studied tax as it has little weight on the exam. Core 2, I remember the cases on d2l covered the topics you needed to know.One of the writers — Matthew — correctly pointed out to ensure to do all the practice quizzes and review all the material prior to the exam. However true that may be for the modules or shorter exams where the material to be examined is not exhaustive, but as you progress and are expected to write more challenging cases and retain material, I suggest a significant variation on that approach.

You need to step back and look at the entire process from the modules to the CFE. Again, please let me emphasize that planning on a consistent and basic approach is key. The sheer volume of material and cases will not permit you to take this approach.

CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP)

A modified and prudent approach is streamlining what was suggested. After you do every case have a few take away key points and keep notes on other materials like technical. The key is to do this consistently from the beginning.

These take aways are after you do your debriefing. You can do so also for the harder technical topics. Just step back and think that by the time the CFE rolls around, how many cases you will have covered. It is impossible to go through them in the entire last week itself. These notes are similar to how highlight key areas in a text book and then review the highlighted material prior to the exam. Again in the short term or individual initial modules this will work, but as you move further into the process you need to streamline and focus on key take aways to review prior to the bigger exams and the CFE.

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